32 Years & Growing

Founded in 1990, D-Tech Controls has evolved into a reliable and trusted partner of many established firms within the Building Automation and Environmental Monitoring industries.

Over 3 decades of design, supply & installation, and maintenance of advanced HVAC and Process control systems on construction projects including Manufacturing plants, Semi-conductor (wafer) plants, Data Centers, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical plants, Laboratories, Hotels, Warehousing, Shopping malls, etc. have contributed to D-Tech Controls’ status as one of Singapore’s leading system integrators for environmental control and monitoring systems.

As an Integrator of Building Management Solutions, D-Tech Controls’ key role has been to advise and execute highly customised solutions, while leveraging on the provision of a wide array of equipment manufacturers in the market. D-Tech Controls continues to develop and refine their technical expertise utilising state-of-the-art technology to provide their customers with the most advanced solutions available.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Building Management System (BMS)

We offer a variety of Building Management System solutions such as SCADA, DDC, PLC system to meet customers needs.

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

We offer EMS Solutions with software, sensors, and network connectivity devices, to ensure the monitoring system is efficient, effective, and meets the most stringent compliance requirements.

Critical Environment Controls (Laboratory)

We offer and deliver a safe, energy efficient laboratory control and critical airflow applications for critical environments.

Products & Instruments

We offer multiple product lines to allow us to maintain an objective perspective when designing and implementing An Integrated Building Management System and solutions for our clients.

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