Critical Environmental Airflow Solutions

Established in laboratory control and critical airflow applications. D-Tech’s Critical Environment Airflow Solutions paired with VAV Box ensures the environmental integrity, occupant safety and provides energy efficiency solutions.

Components include Reliable Controls’ MACH series, SMART sensor, Ashcroft’s Differential Pressure Transmitter and VAV Box to provide an all-in-one innovative & reliable system for your space/area.

We offer the best solutions to cater to your needs, whether it is fitting your new facility or upgrading works. We also offer replacement works for your current systems.

Our Priorities

  • Safety

  • High performance

  • Energy savings

BACnet® ready products

  • Provide superior airflow measurement & control

  • Integrate smoothly with Building Management System (BMS) and Fume Hood Controllers.

  • Design flexibility and customisation

Ideal for Critical Spaces, Hospitals
and Laboratories

The Variable-Air-Volume (VAV) Airflow Control Boxes are the most critical element for achieving stringent Laboratory performance integrity. Our Laboratory Controls Solution are as follows:

The VAV Controller:
RC-FLEXair Advanced VAV Controller

  • Built-in differential pressure sensor for above airflow measurement shall be of high accuracy & high performance type, for full range of ±500Pa (±2” WC) with 0.122Pa (0.005” WC) resolution

  • Configurable P, PI, or PID controls for closed loop control

  • With Standalone Realtime Airflow Measurement, Feedback, Control & Monitoring, Scheduling, Trend Logging 

  • BTL Listed BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC). The highest BACnet DDC Controller profile, with best interoperability.

  • BACnet TCP/IP based VAV Controller for fast response communication and control between VAV Controllers and Master Controller or Building Management System (BMS)

  • Integration with SMART-Net™  Indoor-Air-Quality (IAQ) Sensor – Temperature / Relative Humidity / CO2 / VOC / Occupancy / PM2.5

  • Ultimate flexibility – multiple universal inputs / outputs (DI, AI, DO, AO) options, configurable for Heater Control, IAQ Fresh Air Control, Fume Hood Control,  Alarm Monitoring and etc.

The VAV Airflow Control Box:

  • Probe-less Venturi airflow measurement method, Accuracy of ±5%, throughout the entire range from maximum to minimum airflow (as low as 1Pa at very low flow)
  • High Airflow Turndown, minimum 10 to 1
  • Maintenance Free
  • Pressure Independent Control
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • ETFE Coating for Corrosive Environment Application

Additional Features of VAV Controller:

  • Lighting-fast triple-core, 32-bit processor and dual 10/100
    Ethernet ports

  • Powerful & nearly unlimited data processing power & handling on the most demanding programmed sequences, performance tracking and data analysis.

  • Backward compatible, future ready

  • Convenient access through USB application port

  • Reference to ASHRAE Guideline 36-2018, High Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC (VAV) Systems

  • Accessible through myControl Mobile Apps for remote access for control & monitoring

  • Smart Lab / Smart IBMS integration ready


Lab Controls Solutions

  • Safe and energy efficient

  • Ensures environmental integrity, occupant safety and energy efficiency

  • Products are BACnet® ready

  • Smooth integration to allow design flexibility & customization

  • FM approved ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) to be able to withstand highly aggressive and corrosive chemicals in the harshest environment

  • Excellent fire protection through its high-quality

    steel construction.

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Overview of Critical Environmental Airflow Solutions