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MACH-Pro Series


BACnet® Building Controller

In addition to onboard inputs and outputs, the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProSys™ features extensive network routing capabilities, reaching the apex of control as a fully programmable internet‑connected BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC).


Not only can you expand the MACH‑ProSys with many flexible hardware options, you can also seamlessly integrate it with numerous open protocols, making it the ideal choice for large rooftop equipment, large mechanical rooms, and complex integrated systems.


BACnet® Building Controller

With its extensive network routing ability to multiple open protocols, highly scalable inputs and outputs, and small size, the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProCom™ achieves an optimum balance between form and function.


This freely programmable internet-connected BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) is ideal for large mechanical rooms and multibuilding applications.


BACnet® Building Controller

Destined to be a workhorse of the industry, the Reliable Controls MACH‑Pro1™ is a rugged, flexible, fully programmable BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) ideal for midsize rooftop equipment or small mechanical room applications.


Expandable Building Controller 

Designed to be an expandable workhorse of the industry, the Reliable Controls MACH‑Pro2™ is a rugged, flexible, fully programmable BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) ideal for large rooftop equipment or midsize mechanical room applications.


BACnet ® Controller 

Small, durable and packed with flexibility, the Reliable Controls® MACH-ProZone is a fully programmable BACnet® Building Controller (B-BC) with highly scalable I/O in a very small footprint. The MACH-ProZone is ideal for a wide range of applications that include small to mid-sized roof top and heat pump applications, and small mechanical room applications. The controller features up to 8 universal inputs and up to 8 universal outputs with jumper selectable relay configuration. The MACH-ProZone ships standard with removable terminal blocks and support for 8 SMART devices.