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MACH-ProWeb Series

MACH-ProWebSys™ / MACH-ProWebCom™

Web Enabled Controller

Access and control your facility easily and cost-effectively from the internet using the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProWebSys™ / MACH‑ProWebCom™ building controller. The unique three-in-one design of the MACH‑ProWebSys / MACH‑ProWebCom combines a BTL-listed BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC), a BACnet Operator Workstation (B‑OWS), and a powerful web server in a single package no larger than a typical controller.


The built-in workstation reduces your capital expenditures by eliminating workstation client software, and the built-in web server reduces your operating expenditures by eliminating client license renewals and fees for cloud services. There is no software to download and no IT server to maintain.


Every MACH‑ProWebSys / MACH‑ProWebCom can control hundreds of sensors and actuators using standard protocol networks. Backed by the industry-recognized Reliable Controls 5-year warranty and designed to remain backward compatible with previous-generation systems, the MACH‑ProWebSys / MACH‑ProWebCom provides lasting value for generations.